“A song is an extension of a person. A snapshot of a seemingly fleeting moment, cascading into a waterfall of memories.

It can be simple or complex or both, like a good story that’s hiding a secret need to connect with a stranger.

It’s a confession, a declaration, a desire. A question and an answer, hoping to inspire. It is an attempt to apologize, or profess an undying love. Or to remind the valiant heart that being alone isn’t the same as feeling lonely.

It is a wish, made for those who would listen.”

Amir Masoh is a songwriter, producer and musician who believes in the pursuit of perfecting the craft. Equipped with his multifaceted skill sets and curious view on life, he is constantly on the move looking for the next lesson. Throughout his career which began in 1995, his body of work ranges from small independent acts and established artists, to big arena projects; spanning across Asia and parts of the western world. 

He can be found running around in London or Manila, which are his base camps for Europe and Asia respectively, or having a cup of coffee in airport transit lounges around the world, contemplating on the meaning of life.